Lee Giles / 

Design Lead at MetaLab

Right now I'm leading teams at MetaLab, where I support the growth of designers, and do hands on work helping companies big and small build thoughtful products from the ground up.

I'm at my best when working in kind, vulnerable and trusting spaces, learning from those around me.

Select projects 2017 - 2020

Professional Highlights

In 2014, I wrapped up my Interactive Design degree and took my first leap into product design, joining the Experience Design at MOO.

This was my first insight into how design thinking could be used at an organisational level, and my first exposure to agile product development environment. I ran workshops, was involved in crits, had exposure to a variety of research practices, and worked with data-driven product teams. The experience I gained was quite honestly secondary to to the mentorship I found at MOO. The space to fall down, fail, and be picked right back up again. I learned what it meant to work in a product team, to collaborate across disciplines, and ship work.

Come 2015, I jumped into children's book startup, Wonderbly, as their first product designer. There was tons of similarities with my work at MOO, making it the perfect environment for me to take what I’d learned and run. Tons of ownership and autonomy in a collaborative space with engineers, data scientists, and creatives.

Later, the company took Series A funding lead by Google Ventures, giving me the chance to learn from GV’s Jake Knapp and Daniel Burka. It also gave me insight into the realities of venture capital, and the growing pains of an organisation expanding extremely quickly. Over a couple years I helped build the design team and bolster the team’s influence across the organisation.

At this point in my career I’d focused a lot on the web, but lacked a bit of experience designing for mobile and I was keen to try my hand at a wider variety of visual languages. That’s when MetaLab happened. I joined the agency in the summer of 2017, initially based in London, later I relocated to Vancouver to be closer to the team on the West Coast of Canada.

MetaLab has pushed me to become a more precise, thoughtful, and strategic product designer. I’ve been humbled to work alongside people like Jeff Morris and Ravi Mehta at Tinder, Danny Ryder at Lululmeon, Kris Marszalek at Crypto and many others, who’ve helped shape my understanding of product.

In 2019, I took on a new position as a product design lead at MetaLab. The new role has given me the agency to own more of the product vision, and over arching stratigic direction of projects. I'm also learning how to set expectations and set boundaries for my teams, to create enabling and collaborative structures in a remote enviroment, and improve on my coaching.

I’m looking to take my skill set into a more agile product environment, to help build and be part of something meaningful.

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